RestorFX paint finish restoration product being poured by a certified technician into an applicator bottle

Fact Sheet

The RestorFX Paintless Clearcoat Repair (PCR) service, through its proprietary paint refinishing system and professional application process, delivers superior and permanent results with a faster turnaround time and lower cost compared to traditional paint correction methods while maintaining the integrity of the original paint finish.

For over two decades, the RestorFX® coating product has been tested and proven to work consistently across various climates and weather conditions. It is extensively used to process thousands of vehicles monthly at more than a hundred RestorFX Centers in over 45 countries.

The rich history of RestorFX International, the rigorous laboratory methodology used in the technology, and the extensive real-world deployment of the restoration service ensure that every vehicle achieves a new-car finish.

Service: Paintless Clearcoat Repair (PCR) Automotive Surface Refinishing

A RestorFX technician restoring the damaged and scratched side of a black SUV to a brilliant shine and luster

  • The RestorFX service repairs clearcoat without repainting. A RestorFX restoration brings back a new-car finish by eliminating scuffs, fading and scratches without repainting, providing a permanent, cost-effective solution with a fast turnaround time while preserving the integrity of the original paint finish.
  • The RestorFX service maintains a vehicle’s factory finish. The professional RestorFX refinishing service stands apart from traditional paint repair methods such as machine polishing, buffing and repainting, which often involve cutting away or removing surface material and can compromise the integrity of the original paint.
  • A RestorFX service can be optionally performed again. A RestorFX treatment can be considered a new-vehicle finish; but since cars are used differently, a RestorFX restoration can be performed again as needed over the life of an automobile.

Product: Polymimetic Surface Regeneration Coating Technology

RestorFX paint finish restoration product being poured by a certified technician into an applicator bottle

  • The RestorFX® coating doesn’t undergo chemical changes over time. According to the ASTM D1308 Chemical Resistance Test, a RestorFX coating maintains its adhesion qualities even when exposed to harsh chemicals and elements.
  • A RestorFX coating is exceptionally durable. As measured by the Pencil Hardness Test, it boasts a 7H hardness rating, surpassing even the highest-quality original equipment manufacturer paint finish, ensuring enhanced protection and long-lasting results.
  • The thick RestorFX coating provides added protection. As determined by the Elcometer Coating Thickness Test, the RestorFX product is proven to be thicker at 9 μm compared to any other coating product on the market, offering increased durability, depth and shine.
  • A RestorFX coating withstands environmental exposure. In the ASTM G151, 154 Ultraviolet (UV) Exposure Test, the RestorFX coating has demonstrated its ability to resist elements equivalent to 6–7 years of intense outdoor UV sunlight exposure, surpassing all other aftermarket coatings.

Company: RestorFX International

Front facade of RestorFX Turkey with light rays shining on its modern and elegant signage and glass windows

  • The RestorFX company excels globally with award-winning technology. RestorFX International, founded in 2006 and headquartered in Washington state, United States, is a global leader in automotive refinishing, known worldwide for its acclaimed technology in the automotive reconditioning field.
  • The RestorFX company provides trusted automotive paint restoration solutions. RestorFX International offers its proprietary RestorFX paint refinishing system together with complementary ClearFX protection coating solutions and Numbers comprehensive car care line, altogether trusted by automotive professionals worldwide for delivering lasting, showroom-grade results.
  • The RestorFX company is committed to quality and partnership. With over 100 locations in North America and operations in over 45 countries, RestorFX International is dedicated to excellence and collaboration in redefining vehicle restoration.