A RestorFX technician restoring the damaged and scratched side of a black SUV to a brilliant shine and luster

Service Comparison

RestorFX Restoration Compared With Detailing Maintenance and Body Shop Repair

Automotive surface repair has traditionally involved either detailing services for maintaining vehicle appearance or body shop services for major exterior repairs. A professional RestorFX restoration offers a time-efficient and cost-effective solution—close to the service time and inexpensiveness of average detailing—yet it also possesses the unique capability to permanently repair significant paint damage, similar to a body shop, all while preserving the original paint finish.

Detailing: Meant for Maintenance, Limited in Repair

Detailing helps maintain a vehicle’s cleanliness and appearance, ensuring it stays presentable. For light repairs, it should be the most budget-friendly option.

However, its paint correction methods often involve the removal of vital clear coat layers, leading to increased surface flaws and a reduction in the depth and luster of the paint finish, making it an unsuitable choice for major damage repair. Additionally, this approach is time-consuming and inefficient for significant repairs, beyond mitigating minor issues like light swirl marks and hairline scratches, rendering it a temporary solution vulnerable to recurrence from factors like time, weather and regular washing.

Body Shop Repairs: Ideal for Major Damage but Costly With Finish Compromises

Body shop repairs excel in restoring vehicles after major accidents, dealing with extensive exterior damage effectively.

These repairs tend to be time-consuming, though, and often come with high costs, making them less budget-friendly for minor damage or aesthetic issues. Also, repainting during body shop repairs can compromise the original paint finish and the overall integrity of the vehicle, which may not be ideal for preserving its factory-quality appearance.

RestorFX Restoration: Balances Efficiency With Permanence and Finish Preservation

A RestorFX restoration combines the quick turnaround time and low cost often associated with correcting minor issues with the ability to permanently repair more significant paint damage, effectively addressing a broad spectrum of imperfections found on automotive surfaces, from scuffs and scratches to fading and road rash.

A RestorFX technician restoring the damaged and scratched side of a black SUV to a brilliant shine and luster
RestorFX Restoration offers a balanced approach, combining the budget-friendly maintenance of detailing for light repairs with the capability to permanently address significant paint damage, avoiding the high costs associated with body shop repairs while preserving the original paint finish.

It provides a cost-effective and time-efficient alternative that avoids the drawbacks linked to traditional detailing methods, including the removal of crucial clear coat layers and the potential for paint damage recurrence. It also repairs permanently while preserving the vehicle’s original paint finish, distinguishing it from expensive body shop repairs that often necessitate repainting and pose a risk to the structural integrity of the vehicle surface.

wash and wax$45 minutes2 weeks
cut and polish$$3–8 hours4–8 weeks
paint correction$$$1–3 days3–6 months
repaint$$$$3–5 dayspermanent
RestorFX restoration$$$24-hour turnaroundpermanent
RestorFX vs. other automotive surface repair options

While all three options—including traditional detailing and body shop repairs—play distinct roles in the automotive aftermarket, a RestorFX restoration introduces innovative technology that not only addresses existing challenges but redefines the possibilities for automotive surface repair and enhancement.