RestorFX Founder and Latin America Division Director spectating on the bleachers at a Grand Prix auto race

Team Profile

Mark Lunde

Chief Executive Officer

Headshot of Mark Lunde, Chief Executive Officer

Mark Lunde serves as the CEO, bringing a wealth of knowledge and successful leadership experience to the role.

With a strong passion for and extensive experience in the automotive industry, Mark has held diverse roles, including hands-on electrical technician, innovative vehicle security system designer, and most notably, architecting and implementing a new national sales application for the LINE-X network. Mark was drawn to the company by the immense potential of its proprietary clear coat restoration technology and the exceptional caliber of individuals involved. His vision encompasses driving global brand growth and establishing 500+ independent small businesses, each supporting multiple families and their aspirations.

Alexander Kay

Founder, Technology Director

Headshot of Alexander Kay, Founder, Technology Director

Alexander Kay, Founder and Technology Director, emerged as a visionary in the automotive sector in 2001. He established the company in 2006, and by 2011, his innovative paint refinishing technology had transformed over 100,000 vehicles.

Today, RestorFX International operates in more than 45 countries with over 100 North American locations. Alexander’s enduring vision continues to shape the industry, marked by a commitment to relentless innovation. His achievements include accolades such as the Equip Auto International Grands Prix Most Innovative Product of 2022 award and being named a finalist for the SEMA 2022 GEN-III Innovator of the Year award. Alexander Kay forges ahead, exploring new frontiers in the ever-evolving world of automotive refinishing.

Nadia Kay

Co-Founder, Administrative Manager

Headshot of Nadia Kay, Co-Founder, Administrative Manager

Nadia Kay, the Co-Founder and Administrative Manager, has been a driving force behind the company’s success.

Her passion for innovation and relentless pursuit of excellence have been evident throughout her career as a pioneer and entrepreneur. Demonstrating her commitment to growth within the automotive industry, Nadia owned and operated her own RestorFX Center, where she honed operational processes, elevated customer experiences and drove profitability. Nadia’s leadership spans administrative management, ensuring seamless operations and providing unwavering support to her husband, Alexander Kay, the Founder and Technology Director. Her entrepreneurial expertise and industry insights have been instrumental in cultivating a thriving network of licensed partners who share her vision of automotive excellence.

Ryan Kaye

Director of Center Development

Headshot of Ryan Kaye, Director of Center Development

Ryan Kaye, appointed as the Director of Center Development, brings three decades of successful automotive industry experience to the role.

He began his career in 1993 as an automotive expert. Over the years, he swiftly advanced into various sales roles, including Financial Services Manager, Used Vehicle Manager and General Sales Manager. In 2013, he leveraged his extensive knowledge and entrepreneurial spirit to launch RestorFX GTA, a venture that grew to encompass over 14 partners within Ontario, Canada. Ryan’s enduring passion for the RestorFX brand is evident as he consistently advocates for the company’s transformative technology and unwavering commitment to delivering an exceptional customer experience, driving the company’s success.

Alejandro Garcia

Director, Latin America Division

Headshot of Alejandro Garcia, Director, Latin America Division

Alejandro Garcia is the Director for the Latin America Division and plays a vital role in the company’s Creative Department.

Drawing upon his extensive background in the automotive refinishing industry, Alejandro embarked on his entrepreneurial journey in 2007 by establishing a car care company in Latin America, which would later become highly successful and pioneering in the region. His deep passion for the field led him to join the RestorFX family in 2014, a partnership he continues to nurture. Alejandro remains a steadfast advocate of the company’s revolutionary technology, wholeheartedly dedicated to propelling the brand’s ongoing success. His leadership is integral to the company’s achievements in the region and worldwide.