RestorFX 2-part paint finish restoration product bottles with a shiny black vintage sports utility vehicle in the background

RestorFX Transforms Paint Reconditioning Without Repainting

BLAINE, Wash., July 30, 2021, Revised — Groundbreaking technology permanently removes scuffs, fading, weathering, swirls and scratches by replicating and restoring original paint finish.

RestorFX, through its proprietary refinishing system and professional application process, delivers superior and permanent results with faster turnaround time and lower cost compared to traditional paint correction methods. Its revolutionary Paintless Clearcoat Repair (PCR) service works by chemically integrating at least 9 microns of surface material to restore a vehicle’s finish to new, providing a harder and more UV-resistant surface than even the highest-quality manufacturer paint finish. Because the coating seamlessly integrates with existing clearcoat, there is no need to cut materials or repaint a vehicle, preserving the integrity of the original paint finish.

RestorFX 2-part paint finish restoration product bottles with a shiny black vintage sports utility vehicle in the background
RestorFX automotive paint refinishing brings back a new-car finish by eliminating scuffs, fading and scratches without repainting, providing a permanent, cost-effective solution with a fast turnaround time while preserving the integrity of the original paint finish.

Founded by Alexander Kay in 2006, RestorFX has become a global leader in automotive refinishing, recognized for its award-winning technology and worldwide presence.

If I told you ten years ago that a vehicle could be powered by electricity, do 0-60 mph in under four seconds, and have over 400 miles of range, you wouldn’t have believed me. So why are we still using practices that have remained effectively unchanged since the 1960s? RestorFX is the future of automotive refinishing, and it’s already here.

Alexander Kay, Technology Director

About RestorFX International

RestorFX International, a pioneer in automotive refinishing, is a renowned product manufacturer and service provider. Its Paintless Clearcoat Repair (PCR) restoration process returns vehicle finishes to brand new without repainting or polishing, surpassing traditional methods. Headquartered in Washington state, United States, its award-winning technology and comprehensive business platform are trusted by automotive professionals worldwide. Its RestorFX® coating is one of the fastest-growing automotive aftermarket products, used in over 100 locations in North America and operations in over 45 countries. Dedicated to quality and partnership, RestorFX continues to redefine vehicle restoration, consistently delivering lasting, showroom-grade results.


This press release, originally issued on April 12, 2016, and updated on July 30, 2021, adopts the tagline “Paintless Clearcoat Repair (PCR)” for the RestorFX restoration service, summarizing paint finish restoration and scratch repair without repainting. This development reflects our ongoing dedication to the clarity of our messaging, and we eagerly anticipate the positive impact it will have on our clients.