Family of ClearFX protection products in bottles and boxes with pads, sprayers, cloths and others for vehicle surface protection

RestorFX Expands Offering With ClearFX Attogenetic Surface Protection

BLAINE, Wash., Sept. 16, 2021, Revised — RestorFX International, an award-winning pioneer in automotive paint restoration, expands its product and service offerings with ClearFX Attogenetic Surface Engineering, a professional-grade automotive exterior and interior surface protection system.

ClearFX employs attogenetic technology to strengthen a vehicle’s paint finish as the protective layer, enhancing structural integrity and forming a clear, crystalline 10H coating that provides superior resistance, longevity and reduced maintenance compared to traditional coatings. Its durability and hydrophobic properties enhance ease of care while significantly boosting resistance to harmful contaminants like acid rain, bird droppings, industrial fallout and UV rays.

Family of ClearFX protection products in bottles and boxes with pads, sprayers, cloths and others for vehicle surface protection
ClearFX Attogenetic Surface Engineering strengthens automotive paint finishes with advanced technology, resulting in a robust 10H coating known for its enhanced durability, resistance to contaminants and simplified maintenance routines, marking a notable advancement in automotive surface protection.

The science behind ClearFX® coating is attogenesis, a process where an aqueous chemical solution melds with a porous surface through molecular interlocking, forming a cohesive protective layer.

Founded by Alexander Kay in 2006, RestorFX has become a global leader in automotive refinishing, recognized for its award-winning technology and worldwide presence.

ClearFX goes beyond the status quo to provide superior surface protection in all applications. Our product suite has been successfully tested in the most demanding conditions and consistently comes out on top.

Alexander Kay, Technology Director

About RestorFX International

RestorFX International, a pioneer in automotive refinishing, is a renowned product manufacturer and service provider. Its Paintless Clearcoat Repair (PCR) restoration process returns vehicle finishes to brand new without repainting or polishing, surpassing traditional methods. Headquartered in Washington state, United States, its award-winning technology and comprehensive business platform are trusted by automotive professionals worldwide. Its RestorFX® coating is one of the fastest-growing automotive aftermarket products, used in over 100 locations in North America and operations in over 45 countries. Dedicated to quality and partnership, RestorFX continues to redefine vehicle restoration, consistently delivering lasting, showroom-grade results.


This press release, originally issued on Oct. 1, 2018, and updated on Sept. 16, 2021, reflects the upgraded hardness rating of ClearFX from 9H to 10H. This improvement demonstrates our ongoing commitment to product quality and durability, and we are excited about its potential benefits to our clients.